Friday, February 27, 2009

and the winner is...

The winner of the handspun yarn is Meg with 4 answers correct!
Congratulations Meg!

Now, here are the answers to this egomaniacal trivia contest for those who are interested.

1. What was my first knitting project?
sweater for my mom
It was a mohair sweater in three colors and she still has it, even though she can't wear it because of the mohair, too itchy.. Of course, I should have asked her first if she liked mohair.

2. Name one of the 2 sister's to Bob and Blanche (may cats)? Hint: They all started with the letter "B".
Betty and Beulah
All four were kitties that I rescued after I witnessed them being thrown into a creekbed from the back of a pickup truck in our apartment complex. If I'd had a weapon of any kind with me at the time I probably would have served time for assault. There must be a special place in he!! for jerks like him. Bob, who was so small we thought he was a runt and is now 17 pounds, had a broken tail. It is crinkled just at the tip, which you can still feel. Betty also had a broken tail, right in the middle, so it had a definite "L" bend. Unfortunately, Betty, Beulah and our Burmese cat Butch, were killed in a car accident on their way to their new home in Omaha.

3. How many siblings do I have?
One sister

4. What year did I move to Atlanta?
I moved here with my partner when he was transferred with his job in June 1994. The first night in our new apartment we watched OJ fleeing in the white Bronco.

5. Douglas is my middle name, what is my first name?

6. Where was I born?
Duluth, Minnesota

7. What is the title of the very first Dr. Seuss book my mother bought me when I was a child?
Yertle the Turtle
Not one of his better known titles, but still one of my favorites.

8. What brand of yarn is my favorite?
I've tried several of their yarns and really like the colors and textures.

9. Where do I spend most of my yarn money?
Knitch, of course!!
Same place I spend most of my "knitting with friends" time. It's an incredible shop!

10. What model of car do I drive?
Toyota Echo (and Haley even got the color too, green)
Not to jinx myself, but this has been the best car I've ever owned. It was my first brand new car.

Thanks to those who participated. I promise the next time I have a contest, it will be easier and more generic in it's topic so more people will be encouraged to participate. I'm a librarian and trivial detail thangs are hard for me to resist. ;)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


How about a trivia contest to win some handspun yarn?

The person who can answer the most questions correctly will win a skein of my handspun yarn. Some of the questions will be easier than others. If more than one person gets them all correct (which would be scary) I will pick from those names using a randomizer.

Please EMAIL your answers to:
Then, leave me a comment here to let me know you have entered.
This way I can respond to anyone who participates, since I have no way of responding to comments on my blog.

The last day to send your answers will be Thursday, February 26th.

Good Luck!

The prize is the Louet fuschia merino/silk I just finished last week. It's approximately 665 yards total in sport/DK weight.

Now, let's see how well you know Doug aka Knits4bears.

1. What was my first knitting project?

2. Name one of the 2 sister's to Bob and Blanche (may cats)? Hint: They all started with the letter "B".

3. How many siblings do I have?

4. What year did I move to Atlanta?

5. Douglas is my middle name, what is my first name?

6. Where was I born?

7. What is the title of the very first Dr. Seuss book my mother bought me when I was a child?

8. What brand of yarn is my favorite?

9. Where do I spend most of my yarn money?

10. What model of car do I drive?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

back from the mountain

We got back Monday afternoon around 3:00. What a nice birthday weekend! The weather was nice the entire time we were there, although I was looking forward to seeing a little bit of snow flurries. (Computer free and blogless) Linda made me a chocolate birthday cake and brought it to the mountain to share. It was a really wonderful and tasty cake, unfortunately, I didn't take a picture.

This was sunrise on Saturday morning.

This year there were only 32 people attending the retreat. Down from about 45 last year. It made for a quieter and more relaxing time. We also had more room to spread out and it wasn't as crowded around the tables and it made it easier getting around the room.

Here is the gang knitting in the lodge. (From the left, Lou, Lori, Rob and Christine)

This is a clump of moss and ferns growing at the corner of the storage building just up the hill from our cabin. It's just amazing to me how green and lush they are with the cold and windy temperatures.

I finished three projects while there. I finished the reversible Duo hat I was test knitting for Brett. It turned out great. The striped side is Lion Brand Magic Stripes and the inside is, *GASP* Socks That Rock Raven (Corbie). Is it a knitting sin to mix these two yarns?!? They look so good together!

I also made two of the EZ Conch hats. I've had the pattern from Meg Swansen's knit-a-long for almost a year and about 3 months ago had tried to make the first one and just never finished it. So I thought it would be a perfect fun project for the weekend. It's featured in the winter 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting.

I had to adjust the stitch count for the yarn, which meant I started the first one four times, but once I figured out the right count to get the gauge, it went fairly quickly. (On size 13's, I cast on 48 stitches for the brim and increased to 72 for the body) I made the second one in about 3 hours. The teal one is Lamb's Pride bulky and the white one is Berkshire Bulky and looks a little like an ice cream cone. Lou had a great idea to make one in brown, pink and white and it would look like neapolitan ice cream. I'm already looking for yarn.

I also started another Noro Stripe scarf using Noro Chirimen (60% cotton, 24% silk, 16% wool blend) that I bought at Knitch last week. It's nice and soft.

I finished the fuschia merino silk last week just before I left for the Mountain. I ended up with about 665 yards. It's very soft and will make a wonderful small shawl or wrap. Now I just need to find a good pattern that will accentuate it's lovely beauty.

I think Bob was happy to have me back home. He has been very clingy today. He even curled up in my armpit on the bed while I was watching tv and even with his version of purring/wheezing. It was so sweet.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The spinning mojo is back!

I went to my first spinning guild meeting last weekend with Steve and it was also the first time I've spun in about 2 months. I enjoyed the meeting and I'm looking forward to attending the next one. I worked on the baby alpaca from Alpaca With A Twist that I bought several months ago at Knitch.

It's combed top and was so nice to spin up. The yarn is so soft and I plan to make a nice scarf to enjoy the softness around my neck and next to my face, which seems to be the place everyone automatically puts it when they pick it up anyway.

without flash

with flash

The color is almost the same color as my own hair with a little more grey in it. I photographed it on the piece of granite so the soft brown tones are more apparent. I plan on buying more of this roving. I want to find the natural chocolate brown color.

I've now started back spinning the fuschia silk/wool blend I bought at Knitch last year in July at the same time I got the alpaca. I think it's from Lendrum. (oops, it's actually from Louet)

It had been set aside when I started spinning the alpaca. I'm trying to spin it thinner so it's about fingering weight. I thought the alpaca was going to be thinner when I was spinning the singles. I was surprised how much it fluffed back out after it was plied.

Knitting wise lately I've been working on a new sweater like my grey one that I designed several years ago. I'm making it with Paton's Acadiana (Ackrylic). The original is made with the same yarn, but a charcoal grey color, and the yarn is really soft now after being laundered several times. The color of this one is a denim blue. I'm also still working on the hat for Brett as a test knit for his pattern.

For my AKG Mountain retreat project this year I've decided to scavenge the stash for leftover Cascade 220 and make another pair of the Fiber Trends felted clogs. Michael has taken a shine to the first pair I made, so it will be wise to have another pair to wear on cold mornings. I've decided to frog the double knit scarf from Son of Stitch-N-Bitch that I started ages ago for some of the yarn.


I like the scarf and I'm glad I learned the double knitting technique, but the scarf is just too heavy and I don't think I'd ever wear it anyway. The yarn will be better used in the clogs. I'm thinking I'll try the scarf pattern again, but this time use Noro sock yarn instead so it will be lighter and have some fun color changes too.

We had a new male member join the Knitting guild this past Thursday! A very nice guy named Tom and he owns and runs a campground called In The Woods Campground. He is hosting a knitting retreat there March 12-15. It is a clothing optional campground, but the knitting retreat will be a clothed event, unless you feel the urge to go streaking through the woods. I guess it depends on how much wine or martoonies you have. There's a hottub too so you could knit and felt at the same time if you want to. It's a bit of a drive for Tom to get to the guild meetings from Canon, GA, but I hope he will become a regular attendee. In talking with him he said he most often shops at Main Street Yarns in Watkinsville and Yes Yarn in Anderson, South Carolina.

The Mountain is just a week away and I'm ready to get out of town and away from work for a bit!