Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New FO's

I finished spinning the cranberry bog roving that I bought at SAFF from Cloverleaf Farms. I ended up with about 850 yards of lace/sport weight yarn. I'm going to look through my book of lace shawls for a possible pattern.

I'm now spinning the blue merino/seacell I bought from Creatively Dyed at SAFF. (see second picture in previous post) I have almost half of it spun up. I also finally blocked some corriedale that I spun about a month ago. It's cobalt and dark blue plied together in a heavy worsted weight, not quite chunky yarn.

And last, but definitely not least, my second Habitat hat by Brooklyn Tweed.

The first one was a little small for me, so I gave it to Brett. He luckily wears a little smaller size than I do and I can't wear a tight hat or it will give me a headache, so it went to someone who I know will appreciate a nice knitted hat. This one I went up one needle size. The yarn is Cascade 220 Paints that I bought at Hill County Weavers in Austin, Texas.

Another great pattern from Jared Flood.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My SAFF stash aquisitions

I finally took pictures of the stuff from this year's trip to SAFF.

This is the yarn I bought from Interlacements this year. The top two are Toasty Toes and the bottom one is 100% rayon. The rayon should make a wonderful slinky shawl. I'm not sure yet what I'll do with the Toasty Toes, but I just couldn't resist the colors.

These are rovings I bought from Creatively Dyed. The top is wool/tensel and the bottom is wool/seacell. These are new to me as a beginning spinner so I'm curious how they will spin up.

I bought a new bag for me and I'm really loving it! It's a Nantucket bag and it's wonderfully versatile. It unzips to lay flat or hang on a wall. It can be zipped up with the pockets on the inside or the outside. It kind of reminds me of the purse organizers you can buy on tv.

This is roving I bought out in the sales arena, but I can't remember the name of the company. (It was Cloverleaf Farms) Snarky Katy was so helpful and found it for me when I ran into her in the booth. She may remember who it was. It's a wool/silk blend with the color name of cranberry bog. I've spun up half on a one bobbin (on left) and I'm in the process of spinning the other half.

Here are my beautiful purchases from our own Knit Witch. This was their first year at SAFF selling yarn, roving and yarn bowls. We didn't get out to the sales arena until Saturday and it looked like they had done very well on Friday. I hope it was a successful show for them!

Here's the whole flock of sheep hats resting in the hotel room on Friday evening preparing for their debut at SAFF on Saturday. One of the flock just didn't seem to find the rest of us. He was spotted by others, we hear, wandering through the crowds.

Now a couple of shameless pictures of the kids. Bob had to help me take pictures of the SAFF stuff. He was in charge of getting as much orange hair on the white sheet as possible. He's got a real talent for it too!

Here is Blanche enjoying a sliver of sunlight. One of her favorite things to do.

This is a short post as I was up late last night with the election and I was in line at the poll from 6:00 until 8:10, which wasn't terrible, but I'm glad I got there early. The line was reeeally long when I left. I'm so glad to have a president in office that I actually voted for!! I haven't ever felt this proud and hopeful about a presidential election. gObama!!