Tuesday, February 17, 2009

back from the mountain

We got back Monday afternoon around 3:00. What a nice birthday weekend! The weather was nice the entire time we were there, although I was looking forward to seeing a little bit of snow flurries. (Computer free and blogless) Linda made me a chocolate birthday cake and brought it to the mountain to share. It was a really wonderful and tasty cake, unfortunately, I didn't take a picture.

This was sunrise on Saturday morning.

This year there were only 32 people attending the retreat. Down from about 45 last year. It made for a quieter and more relaxing time. We also had more room to spread out and it wasn't as crowded around the tables and it made it easier getting around the room.

Here is the gang knitting in the lodge. (From the left, Lou, Lori, Rob and Christine)

This is a clump of moss and ferns growing at the corner of the storage building just up the hill from our cabin. It's just amazing to me how green and lush they are with the cold and windy temperatures.

I finished three projects while there. I finished the reversible Duo hat I was test knitting for Brett. It turned out great. The striped side is Lion Brand Magic Stripes and the inside is, *GASP* Socks That Rock Raven (Corbie). Is it a knitting sin to mix these two yarns?!? They look so good together!

I also made two of the EZ Conch hats. I've had the pattern from Meg Swansen's knit-a-long for almost a year and about 3 months ago had tried to make the first one and just never finished it. So I thought it would be a perfect fun project for the weekend. It's featured in the winter 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting.

I had to adjust the stitch count for the yarn, which meant I started the first one four times, but once I figured out the right count to get the gauge, it went fairly quickly. (On size 13's, I cast on 48 stitches for the brim and increased to 72 for the body) I made the second one in about 3 hours. The teal one is Lamb's Pride bulky and the white one is Berkshire Bulky and looks a little like an ice cream cone. Lou had a great idea to make one in brown, pink and white and it would look like neapolitan ice cream. I'm already looking for yarn.

I also started another Noro Stripe scarf using Noro Chirimen (60% cotton, 24% silk, 16% wool blend) that I bought at Knitch last week. It's nice and soft.

I finished the fuschia merino silk last week just before I left for the Mountain. I ended up with about 665 yards. It's very soft and will make a wonderful small shawl or wrap. Now I just need to find a good pattern that will accentuate it's lovely beauty.

I think Bob was happy to have me back home. He has been very clingy today. He even curled up in my armpit on the bed while I was watching tv and even with his version of purring/wheezing. It was so sweet.

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  1. 1. Looks like you guys have a superbly fantastic retreat!
    2. I LOVE the hats. Can't wait to see the ice cream hat. :)
    3. I hate you just a little for how even and gorgeous your handspun is. (But I'm mostly just in awe and a touch jealous.) :D
    4. Cats rule.