Friday, February 27, 2009

and the winner is...

The winner of the handspun yarn is Meg with 4 answers correct!
Congratulations Meg!

Now, here are the answers to this egomaniacal trivia contest for those who are interested.

1. What was my first knitting project?
sweater for my mom
It was a mohair sweater in three colors and she still has it, even though she can't wear it because of the mohair, too itchy.. Of course, I should have asked her first if she liked mohair.

2. Name one of the 2 sister's to Bob and Blanche (may cats)? Hint: They all started with the letter "B".
Betty and Beulah
All four were kitties that I rescued after I witnessed them being thrown into a creekbed from the back of a pickup truck in our apartment complex. If I'd had a weapon of any kind with me at the time I probably would have served time for assault. There must be a special place in he!! for jerks like him. Bob, who was so small we thought he was a runt and is now 17 pounds, had a broken tail. It is crinkled just at the tip, which you can still feel. Betty also had a broken tail, right in the middle, so it had a definite "L" bend. Unfortunately, Betty, Beulah and our Burmese cat Butch, were killed in a car accident on their way to their new home in Omaha.

3. How many siblings do I have?
One sister

4. What year did I move to Atlanta?
I moved here with my partner when he was transferred with his job in June 1994. The first night in our new apartment we watched OJ fleeing in the white Bronco.

5. Douglas is my middle name, what is my first name?

6. Where was I born?
Duluth, Minnesota

7. What is the title of the very first Dr. Seuss book my mother bought me when I was a child?
Yertle the Turtle
Not one of his better known titles, but still one of my favorites.

8. What brand of yarn is my favorite?
I've tried several of their yarns and really like the colors and textures.

9. Where do I spend most of my yarn money?
Knitch, of course!!
Same place I spend most of my "knitting with friends" time. It's an incredible shop!

10. What model of car do I drive?
Toyota Echo (and Haley even got the color too, green)
Not to jinx myself, but this has been the best car I've ever owned. It was my first brand new car.

Thanks to those who participated. I promise the next time I have a contest, it will be easier and more generic in it's topic so more people will be encouraged to participate. I'm a librarian and trivial detail thangs are hard for me to resist. ;)

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