Saturday, February 21, 2009


How about a trivia contest to win some handspun yarn?

The person who can answer the most questions correctly will win a skein of my handspun yarn. Some of the questions will be easier than others. If more than one person gets them all correct (which would be scary) I will pick from those names using a randomizer.

Please EMAIL your answers to:
Then, leave me a comment here to let me know you have entered.
This way I can respond to anyone who participates, since I have no way of responding to comments on my blog.

The last day to send your answers will be Thursday, February 26th.

Good Luck!

The prize is the Louet fuschia merino/silk I just finished last week. It's approximately 665 yards total in sport/DK weight.

Now, let's see how well you know Doug aka Knits4bears.

1. What was my first knitting project?

2. Name one of the 2 sister's to Bob and Blanche (may cats)? Hint: They all started with the letter "B".

3. How many siblings do I have?

4. What year did I move to Atlanta?

5. Douglas is my middle name, what is my first name?

6. Where was I born?

7. What is the title of the very first Dr. Seuss book my mother bought me when I was a child?

8. What brand of yarn is my favorite?

9. Where do I spend most of my yarn money?

10. What model of car do I drive?