Saturday, September 20, 2008

SAFF sweater progress

I'm making the Bold Zebra pattern from Guy Knits as my SAFF sweater this year.
I've finished the back and I'm almost finished with the front.

The colors are brighter and pop out more in the photo. I'm not one to shy away from bright colors though. Maybe I was some kind of colorful animal in a past life and I'm trying to recapture my true color... and it was not a mandrill! I can hear it now. I was thinking more along the lines of a butterfly or tropical fish or somethin', since I'm such a fragile and flitting creature... NOT! ;)

I've also started a sweater for my cousins little girl from a Debbie Bliss pattern.
I'm using Rowan handknit cotton and I'd forgotten how much knitting with cotton makes my hands hurt. Since it doesn't have any stretch, it tends to make my hands hurt (I'm a tight knitter). I just have to do in in small increments.

I made a batch of sushi for my dinner tonight and have sufficiently overstuffed my belly. There was plenty left over for raids later too. :) Michael still hasn't dared to try a piece. I guess it's just that scary nori seaweed that has him nervous. More for me! I think I could eat the entire container of pickled ginger as a meal in itself.


  1. Your zebra sweater is amazing! I can't wait to see it at show & tell at AKG!!

  2. The sweater looks GREAT!!!! You can save some sushi for me - YUM.

  3. The sweater is gorgeous! SAFF is getting closer! Woo hoo!

  4. I am SO with you on the pickled ginger.

    The little pink sweater is adorable!

    (BTW --- I always like to know where new readers come from. I moseyed over from Jane's blog. Congratulations on your win!)

  5. Random comment -- I found your blog while searching for info on the Bold Zebra pattern from Men's Knits. I'm having a ton of trouble with the pattern fitting into the stitch count (namely, it doesn't). Did you just continue to repeat the pattern until the end of the row and not have it end at the place where it said it should end?