Friday, July 4, 2008

My first spinning singles

I've been spinning every night since I got my wheel. I think I've worked on my knitting twice. It's new and I tend to concentrate on new things for a while. The knitting will return when I've gotten over the excitement and newness of my wheel.

The dark grey on the left is my very first single. and the blue on the right is my second. They are both Corriedale that I bought at Knitch.

These are both from Gale's Art in Stone Mountain and they are the same colorway. I'm going to ply them together. This is merino and I've really enjoyed spinning this. I bought more of it in another colorway last night.

I wish the wheel came with a lazy kate. The bobbins don't have a groove in them so the regular tensioned lazy kates available out there won't work. I may have to just build my own. I'll probably just start with what we locally fondly call a ghetto kate (shoe box and knitting needles).

We aren't going anywhere this weekend. We both just feel like staying home even though it's Pride weekend. Been there, done that and we just don't feel like getting out in the heat. We may go to the golf course behind us to watch the fireworks tonight. It's just a block behind us, so we can just sit in the back yard and watch through the trees if we don't really want to walk over there.


  1. If you have the wherewithal to make it, a kate with VERTICAL pins (or even angled pins) will give you some friction just from the pressure of the bobbin on the surface of the kate.

    See the Katie a-go-go
    or Will Taylor's Clever Kate (picture from someone's blog):

  2. Ooops. Here's a shorter URL for the Will Taylor Clever Kate picture:

  3. Your spinning is awesome. I have a katie-a-go-go and love it. But my bobbins have grooves. Janice's suggestion sound perfect.

  4. Just. Damn. You have definitely got the touch. Congrats!

  5. Hey look at you spinning!! Geezzz they look GREAT! You OCD spinner you! Rock on and I miss you!

  6. WHAT?!?! That is your first spinning??? Whatever. My first spinning looked like complete and total yarn barf.

  7. Doug - if I wouldn't love you so much, I think I'd start hating you for being sooooooooooooo incredibly talented! Perfect spinning! We have to find another nick name for you - besides Crackhead Santa Claus. Or is crack the trick for such wonderful spinning? Hmmmmmmmmm...