Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mach 1 spinning, describing the wheel not the speed at which I spin

I received my wheel this past Wednesday. I was up spinning till almost 1:00am Wednesday and then about an hour or so on Thurs and Fri and have about a half a bobbin full of dark grey/blue Corriedale. I realized last night after about an hour that I was gripping the wool so tightly with my left hand that my thumb was numb. I'll pay more attention next time and try to avoid doing nerve damage in the pursuit of handspun yarn. It still feels a little funny today. The first tries were just a mess and I fully expected that. I bought the book by Maggie Casey called Start Spinning and read about the drafting techniques which seemed to make it just click for me and it helped tremendously. I took the bobbin with me to Knitch last night and was told I was doing very well for my first attempts. Yay! I'll take some pix to post tonight. The wheel is very easy to treadle and can keep spinning on its own for quite a while which means it takes very little effort to keep it going.

I'll bring the wheel with me on Sunday to Knitch for people to try out if they would like to. I do have an additional wheel for sale if anyone is interested in buying one. I'm selling it for the retail price ($495) and adding an extra bobbin at no charge, as well as waiving the shipping costs. I'm hoping someone else will love the wheel as much as I do and they can get it right away without the wait or shipping costs if they want one. (Shipping is $60 and the bobbins are $30, so that's a savings of $90 up front) Extra bobbins and the strap and travel wheels can be ordered from our own Famous Steve, our Georgia Rep for the Mach 1.

I missed the Atlanta Spinning Guild meeting today since it seems to always fall on my Saturday to work. I guess I'll have to wait until the calendar catches up with that Saturday before I will be able to attend (or if I'm out on vacation, or taking a mental health day).


  1. The fiber in your left hand is a baby bird. Don't kill it.

    We missed you today, but I heard wonderful things about your spinning. Can't wait to see it!

  2. I got a little spinning lesson from Hockey Mom and even now - everytime I spin I hear her saying to me "THIS is a baby bird...." so I remember to loosen up a little bit and stop killing the fiber! :)

  3. I loved Spinning Guild, and hope that you get to go soon.
    Hockeymom is just full of great tidbits, it was delightful to hear what she had to say, and to see everyones work.
    Your spinning is looking more than 'very well!! I am in great admiration...

  4. I got to try Steve's wheel at Guild yesterday. It's GREAT!! If I hadn't just bought my Joy, I'd take your extra one. Have fun, and remember, if you grip the roving too tightly, Hockey Mom will slap your hand. Really.