Saturday, April 26, 2008

Socks, Clematis & Daisy

I finished my two way striped socks this morning. The sideways striped sock was fun to knit, but you'd better be comfortable with kitchenering, it took two hours. There is also some short row shaping at the top of the cuff to add more room for calf stretch. I do plan to make a complete pair at some point when I find sock yarn that inspires me for this particular pattern.

I'm now working on the final clue of the Mystic Light Shawl and have just started on the second skein of yarn. The pattern called for 1000 yards, so I bought 2 skeins of 550 yds each. I think there may have been a little miscalculation. I thought about adding another repeat, but the idea of figuring out the rest of the chart made my head hurt. I'll just have some extra yarn leftover for some short socks. I'll post pictures when it's done and blocked (hopefully I'll have it done tomorrow).

The clematis vines out in front of our house are now in full bloom. They are very happy this year. The white blooms are about 6-8 inches across. The fuschia colored blooms are smaller, but the color is so intense. We have another variety planted along our driveway that doesn't get as much sun, but it will be blooming a few days too. I'd tell you what variety these are if I knew. More pictures are in my Flickr account if you'd like to see them.

There was a puppy shower today at Knitch for Haley and her new adorable puppy Daisy. Daisy is so lucky to have such a good mommy in Haley!

And the question of the day... which one is Doug and which one is Lou? It's not a tough call, but a lot of people get us confused. Short hair, glasses and a beard. We are modeling a hat made for Claudia by Brett.


  1. Adorable socks! You must have taken a patience pill on that kitchenering. Boy.

    Ok, for the answer of the day: DOUG, then LOU.

    (I'm SO smart - I knew neither one was Claudia.)

  2. I love clematis! We planted two in the backyard and a passion fruit flower, which all are climbers.

    Yeah! I am hope they bloom.