Sunday, April 13, 2008

My dinner with Annie (and Lou)

Lou and I had dinner this evening with Annie (the Knitting Heretic) and it was great to get to sit and talk with her over some great burgers at Atkins Park restaurant. I really don't see how teachers like Annie can travel so much, have the stamina to teach several classes in a row and not return home an exhausted mess. I know I certainly would. I'm sure the success of such work/travel has to be attributed to doing something you really love and it really shows through Annie. Lou took some pictures of us with Annie and I'll post them when he sends them to me. I did take one picture of her hamming it up in Knitch modeling a bonnet, but I want to keep her as a friend, so I won't post it for the world to see. It is cute though. Regan said "It's like Little Knitting House on the Prairie".

I took some more flower pictures today. The weather was gorgeous today and the flowers seem to be just exploding everywhere. These are from the yard today.

This is a helibore. I'm not sure what variety it is.

Not sure what these are. I know Famous Steve will know what they are. (Steve said they are Spanish Bluebells. Thanks Steve.)

This is a pink azalea that I saw on the way to Knitch this afternoon.
I stopped and took a few shots.

I'll take some shots of the knitting that I'm working on soon. I just need to do it. I've finished the first three clues of the Mystic Light Shawl now. I joined the Mystery Lace Shawl KAL too and that starts next Friday. I'm also trying to come up with a design for a sock contest at Needle Nook using Numma Numma sock yarn. I now have a new appreciation for knitting pattern designers. I now see how difficult it is to try to come up with something that will work and resize easily.

There are still a few of the movies on the movie meme a couple of posts back that haven't been identified yet. Take a look and see if they jog your memory.

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  1. Why yes I do! Those are Spanish Bluebells (Hyacinthoides hispanicus) Love the Hellebores too. I need to get some of those planted in my garden.