Monday, February 18, 2008

the Mountain

We're baaack...

The retreat was very peaceful and relaxing, and great meals in between the knitting. We had a great time and I got a lot of knitting done. A few things finished and a few more started. I haven't taken any pictures of the knitting yet, but here is one from this morning at sunrise from the lodge.

The weather was gorgeous for most of the weekend. We had some rain yesterday, but the rest of the weekend was clear and cold. Great weather for wearing handknits. We even got to sit out on the deck and knit for a while on Saturday! It was warm enough in the sun and we were out there for a couple of hours. It was wonderful!

The Yarn Doctor wearing his newest fashion item. A Manos wrap to keep away the winter chill.

More later...


  1. Nice pic of the back of my head.. Great cookies thanks for taking care of us at the mountain.

  2. That is such a lovely wrap you knit for the Yarn Doctor! (he wears it well) I too had a great time at The Mountain. Only 359 days 'til the next one!

  3. LOVE the picture...I look like a movie star! No autographs
    Had a good time at the mountain with ya....

  4. So glad everyone had a good time. Beautiful pictures!