Monday, February 25, 2008

It's sock fest at my house

I've been busily knitting along on my dad's socks. It's a great pattern and very well written. Azure on I think I see a pair for myself in the near future. (I also realized that the yarn is not Toasty Sock yarn as I had said earlier, it's Dream in Color by Smooshy.) I always have a little anxiety about making the first sock too long and then not having enough yarn for the second sock. I left the tail loose on the first sock just in case I wanted to go back and add more later. You can tell in the first picture how short they are.

Nell at Knitch came to my rescue, as I was expressing this anxiety, and said to me "Why don't you weigh it." So we put the first finished sock on the scale and discovered I had enough to make the first sock almost a third longer! Of course, I'll have to buy myself a scale to weigh the yarn in the first place and divide it into two balls from now on. I also modified the pattern a little, by accident, I knit the stitches on both sides of the center cable instead of purling them. I'm happy with the way it looks, the pattern is a little more subtle and probably will be a better fit for my dad. I could have taken better pictures, but I took them on my break at work and was a little rushed. I didn't even get the sock on straight! Does my ankle look fat?!? I think I'm verging on cankles.

I've gotten my ideas for a sock pattern for the Needle Nook Toasty Sock yarn contest down on paper so far, but I still need to test knit to see if the cables will work out. I can't go into too much detail, lest the grande suprise will be ruined.