Tuesday, February 5, 2008

counting the days

The knitting retreat is fast approaching and I'm going to be very ready to get out of town and away from work for a week! I even made some new flannel pajamas to wear. My old pair have been patched so many times and the fabric is so thin, as soon as I fix one tear another one appears. It's so hard to give up a pair of super soft, comfortable flannel pj's. I think ten years of use is a good run. I made the new pair with flannel that has a light blue background with bucking bronco's and cowboys all over it. My own little childhood flashback. I still have to make cookies and purchase my knitting water for sipping by the fireplace. I discovered a new brand of gin last year that I plan to get again. Hendrick's gin. It makes a great gin and tonic with cucumber, if that's your thang.

I now have 5 projects to take along to work on. I've started a new scarf (My So Called Scarf) that is a herringbone pattern. I'm using Manos De Urugay in a dark varigated colorway. I have a pair of socks to start for my dad also. The Uncle Argyle Scarf is moving along slowly. I'm a little over half way done now. It really has gotten a lot easier as I go. It was a little rough getting use to the two strands at the same time, but it has actually become something I enjoy working on (in small increments). I think if I make another, I will go up a needle size or two. The fabric on this scarf is a little stiff and not very supple. I like my scarves to be soft and smooshy.

more later with pics...

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  1. No vodka? Somebody will be very disappointed... Can't wait to go to the Mountain! Only 8 more days and then we're off. I need to make a list...