Sunday, September 2, 2007

I spent the day yesterday at home nursing a headache and watching movies. I did get a little knitting in. I found a pattern in The Natural Knitter by Barbara Albright that I want to knit. It's a simple twisted rib sweater. I bought some yarn at SAFF last year that is linen/rayon/acrylic and the woman I bought it from says she has machine washed the items she knitted with it and had no problem. I knitted up a swatch yesterday to see if it will work.

I took a picture, but the color makes it look yellow, when in fact it's gray. I'll take another picture later after I get the sweater started, but this time with a flash or outside in natural light so the color is more accurate. The yarn has no stretch to it at all and works just like 100% linen. I think it will work out great since linen tends to get softer the more it's worn and washed. I hope to get this started before we go to SAFF so I can work on it during the trip. It's an easy pattern and shouldn't be too hard to work on with all the distractions.

I've been neglecting the fingerless gloves. But I did get the cable pattern started on the hand portion. I'm getting close to the place for the thumb gore.

I worked most of today on the sleeve for Michael's sweater. This is the first time I've done an entire sleeve in Fair Isle in the round. I had to start on double points and then changed to two circulars. I'm almost to the point I can change to just one circular and I'll be glad when I can.
We met today at the restaurant Roxx on Cheshire Bridge Road for our usual Sunday group. Only 4 of us showed up, but we had a great time anyway. As Nancy said, "It's quality, not quantity!" Michael was at home painting one of the rooms downstairs. I was supposed to help, but he got started too late and by the time he was ready to start, I was on my way out the door to go to Roxx. I was assuming I would have to help with the second coat tomorrow, but luckily for me, he had done both coats already by the time I had dinner ready! Yay! I wasn't looking forward to the paint fumes since my headache is still hanging in the background waiting for it's chance to pounce and smack me down. Thank you to whoever invented fast drying latex paint! :)


  1. Have you tried the magic loop instead of DPNs? I love it. That might work nicely for the gloves and possible the sleeve.

    My DH has never painted a room independently. That is super sweet!

  2. WHOOT!!! I love your mittens. I am very honored that you use my handspun!!!