Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's a holiday weekend!

I'm now off until next Tuesday! I have nothing planned other than knitting and helping Michael paint a room downstairs. Hopefully, more of the former. I have the body of Michael's sweater done and I plan to start the sleeves in the morning. I'm beginning to worry that I may not have enough yarn in every color. I won't know until I start the second sleeve.

I've been looking at spinning wheels on the internet and I think I'm leaning towards either a Kromski Minstrel of Mazurka. I'll have to start saving some of my yarn money to buy one though. I figure I'll get a chance to ask lots of questions and compare wheels at SAFF. I think I've staved off the spinning bug for as long as I can. Poor Michael, just what he doesn't need, another hobby to steal more of my time. Maybe I can get him hooked on it too and then he can spin and I'll knit. Only after I get a wheel and he watches me will I know if it's something he wants to try. I never seem to know exactly what is going to trigger his interest. Well, hobbywise that is. ;)
Looking forward to an evening of knittin' with my buddies tomorrow at the Friday Night Knitch Knit (or FNKK for short, sounds kinda rude dudn't it?)


  1. I think either of those wheels would be nice. Have you looked at the Kromski Sonata? It does have scotch tension instead of double drive, but if that's not an issue, it looks like a nice wheel to me.

  2. Come to the dark side. There will be SO many wheels to play with at SAFF.

    Remember, even if Michael is just hanging out, you can hang out too. Mine likes how I hang out and spin when he's reading or on the computer. It makes us all more balanced.

    SAFF is not too far away now!

  3. Is the I-am-going-to-buy-a-spinning-wheel-bug going around? Jacquie bought one this week - a Lendrum. You might want to talk to her. She did a lot of research and had long talks with the guys at I'll see you tonight. :-)