Saturday, August 18, 2007

My sweater for Michael

Here is the sweater that I've been working on for Michael for over 2 years. This is the third incarnation. The first one was a pattern that Michael chose and it had so many problems in the pattern that I got very frustrated and thought I can find something that will be better written and I won't grow to hate as I work on it. The second was going to be too heavy and he probably wouldn't be able to wear it very often. Rip again. The third (this one) is actually a sweater design I saw in a National Geographic catalog and I've just been using measurements from one of his favorite sweaters and winging it. He had originally only chosen three colors. I think it now has 15 or 16.. I haven't counted.
This is the body, worked in the round and I will steek the armholes. I've been using the book Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified from Philosophers Wool. Great book for learning fair isle if you're wanting to try it. They also do a lot of steeking in their sweater designs.

This is what the inside looks like. A rat's nest of ends to be woven in later. My own fault for wanting to use so many colors. The weaving in part usually doesn't bother me, but then I usually don't have this many to do on one project.

I'm working on the AKG newsletter today and trying to stay indoors and out of the heat and smog. I want to go back upstairs and work on the shawl. I'm getting close to the end and I don't want to put it down.

This was taken with the flash so you can see the color better. The one below is without the flash and the pattern stands out better.

Back to the grindstone. :)


  1. That's a great-looking shawl (and sweater!) What's the shawl yarn?

  2. DOUG - OMG - the lace shawl is beautiful!!! And so is the sweater - good for Michael that he has you and your knitting talent!!! Let me know when you'll steek. I would really like to watch and loose my fear of steeking.

  3. Holy Schmoly that shawl is amazing! I'm with Claudia on wanting to watch you steek it.
    hmmm...makes me want to sing....oh yes they call him the steek, lookatit lookatit, fastest thing on two feet....come on you know you liked that song! :-)

  4. Hey, we should have a "steeking party"! I have a pullover that I want to turn into a cardigan, and I've never steeked before. (streaked? yes, steeked, no ...) I'll bring EZ's Knitting Glossary DVD, and she can show us how to do the crocheted steek.
    Beautiful shawl BTW! I am in awe of your lace knitting talent!

  5. Beautiful shawl, can't wait to see it in person.
    I'm with Claudia, I would love to see you do the steeking thing, it scares me more than a little.

  6. You are incredible! The shawl is absolutely beautiful and I am amazed everytime I see the sweater for Michael. It's fabulous...and without a pattern. It sounds like you'll have quite a group watching when you steek, because I want to see how it's really done.