Friday, August 17, 2007


I made several hats a few years ago for a local yarn shop to donate to kids with cancer. I had just gotten the book by Anna Zilborg 45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit and several colors of Patons acrylic and spent the Thanksgiving holiday making several hats. We were in New Orleans visiting friends and I had a terrible cold at the time and spent most of my time at home knitting. Here are some of the hats I made during that week.

These were a lot of fun to make and not very difficult at all. I learned how to knit fair isle patterns with these hats. It was an easy way to learn and do some charity knitting at the same time. I've always wondered what the kids thought of them. Were they fun or just to uncool to wear. I'd like to think they liked them because they were different than anything you would get in a store.

This has been a hard week for me. The smog has been so bad lately that I've had a headache all week and feeling dizzy and tired all the time. Thanks to having had pneumonia 3 times in the late 90's, my lungs just can't handle the bad air. I left work early twice this week to come home and crash. On the good side, I've had a lot of knitting time this week and I'm almost finished with the shawl. I have about a third more to go on the border and then on to blocking.

I'm getting myself psyched up to get back to Michael's fair isle sweater after the shawl. We were talking about steeking again this evening at the Friday night knit group at Knitch and it got me thinking about it again. I was going to take pics this evening and post them, but the camera batteries died and are now in the charger for the night. I'll take some tomorrow. Luckily, they lasted long enough for me to take some pictures for Steve this evening of his Lord Elsenor scarf (his manly version of the lady Eleanor scarf from Scarf Style). He wanted some to post on his blog. So go here Famous Steve Knits to see them.

More soon. :)~


  1. Your hats reminded me that I have that book too! Thanks for sharing the great photos and reminding me about the book. Your shawl is looking fabulous, can't wait to see it blocked out. Hope you feel better.

  2. AWWW - I hope you feel better!!! The hats are too cute - another book to buy - dangit. My niece has the perfect little head for these kind of fun hats for German nasty weather. I missed you guys last night but I was too grubby from the dying class and all the way up in Stone Mountain. I can't to see the shawl - you must have knited up a storm!!!

  3. I was going to welcome you to the dark side, but did you have to steal my template and colors? I should have known you would ...
    envy is such a terrible thing.

  4. I love the little hats, I know the kids who received them loved them. I hope this weather breaks soon and things get easier for you. My husband has asthma and this time of year is always a game of keeping him indoors on the really bad days!

  5. Your knitting is so cool!

    Hope you're feeling better! I don't have problems with my lungs, but something about the heat really makes my joints ache. I probably don't stay sufficiently hydrated though.

  6. Get that sweater out...we are going to steek...we'll practice on your project ok?
    Great blog and pics.
    Feel better.

  7. I am sure the kids we all about those hats! I know the little girl in me wants one of each! SO FREAKIN CUTE!!! Sorry you've been schnorkie.

  8. When you told me you knit a lot of hats from that book, you weren't kidding! And your spiral shawl is just beautiful. Thanks for finishing it before I had to leave Knitch today! hee hee

  9. I love everyone of your hats. The book you used will just have .to become part of Sage Library. It's a must. This time it's not a matter of "want" but a matter of "need" You are incredibly talented!