Sunday, November 6, 2011

alpaca challenge in Conyers Georgia

I spent the afternoon with friends Jane, Diana, Hali, and Rob at the International Horse Park in Conyers today. There were a lot of beautiful alpacas and we even got up close and personal with one really friendly one. She was so incredibly calm and there were a several people petting her at the same time.

Here are more pictures from the afternoon.

I also purchased some Suri alpaca roving to spin up later. It's a mixture of grey, tan and white from an alpaca named Natasha. The owner said she is truly an evil animal, but the yarn will be beautiful. I'll try to post the resulting yarn later.

...and then on the way back to Jane's house I spotted this on the side of the road. We figured it was probably a remnant of someone's Halloween costume. It just kinda stuck out as we drove by that there was hair on the street marker.

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  1. It was great fun being with you and the "gang." That wig stayed on the marker until Wednesday afternoon - I laughed every time I drove by!