Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New FO (finished object)

I finished the Double Border scarf from Victorian Lace Today on Monday. It is about 48 inches long and 16 inches wide.

I really enjoyed this pattern and the way it is knit. You only get one border pattern chart and you alternate the pattern so when knitting an even row on one edge, you then knit an odd row on the other with a small reversible pattern in the middle. It's a little tricky getting the hang of it at first, but once you understand the way it's working it becomes very easy to follow.

I knit this using the handspun I made from the Lisa Souza roving I bought at Stitches South in April. I ended up with about 450 yards and used almost all of it on this scarf.

Next on the needles will be the knit-a-long mystery scarf designed by Deborah Fillmer aka the Nautical Knitter for the Atlanta Knitting Guild. It's totally supa-exclusive. We are so ready to get going on this!! I've done one swatch and I'm working on another with different yarn and beads. The first clue will be released this Friday. Here is the first swatch I made.

The first clue was originally slated to be released on the 19th and I was ready. I kept checking and checking and checking and I was about ready to send an email to the group asking what's going on. Then Lou told me, "Don't you remember, she moved it back a week to give everyone time to get their yarn and beads." I had read it and totally forgotten about it. I was just so pumped and ready to get started on it. Just 2 more days.

We had a birthday celebration at Knitch last Friday for our three June honorees Diana, Lou and Brett.

We had ice cream birthday cake and chocolate chip cookies to get our blood sugar going for all the great conversation and knitting. We always have a great time on Friday evenings, but it's always made better with sweets and libations! :) Here is Diana doing the honors and cutting the birthday cake. It was yummy!!

and now, a little rant...

Unfortunately, on the job front I am facing a pay reduction in the form of a one day furlough per pay period which translates to a 10% pay cut. We just got a 10% cost of living raise a couple of years ago because they were discontinuing all merit raises. Now it seems they are taking the cost of living raise back too. Of course they say it will only last as long as the economy is depressed, but I can assure you that will mean the entire 2009-10 fiscal year. At least it didn't come in the form of layoffs and we all still have a job. I was anticipating we would lose one of our part-time positions at our branch. Instead, all the part-time employees are retaining their job and all of their hours. Only the full-time employees are being furloughed. Harumpf. I know it's not the part-timers fault, but I feel like the middle man in this situation is being singled out. The management positions are paid by the State of Georgia, so of course they aren't getting furloughed either and retaining ALL of their hours. The County Commissioner doesn't want to raise property taxes in the county because it would mean a possible $150-$300 per year increase for each household in the county. Um, this is a whole he!! of a lot less of an impact as opposed to giving every full-time county employee a 10% pay cut of about 10 times that value isn't it! Why shouldn't the COUNTY RESIDENTS help to defray the COUNTY COSTS instead of just the employees!?! We are the ones providing the services to THEM! On top of that, our library positions are among the lowest paid in the Atlanta area already. They tell us that our salaries are competitive with other libraries in our area, but I have a feeling they are excluding Atlanta. Consider that our former branch manager at my library left to take a job in Atlanta, Gwinnett County (which is primarily the same job I have now) and got a $16,000 pay raise to boot. She was already making about $5,000 a year more than I was. I know I could probably get another job, but I have 15 years in on this one and I don't want to lose all that time in towards my retirement. I could take the money with me to another job, but I can't take the time and would be basically starting over. There is absolutely no value in job loyalty in this country any more.

Okay, that's my soapbox minute.

Back to the knitting... at least it helps with the anxiety. :)


  1. That is HANDSPUN?!?!?! Holy crap! That looks beautiful! Kudos. And I hear your rant and I completely agree with you. It is shameful that we have no long term employee benefits anymore. I am fairly young and even I remember when most all big companies (and the govt) had pensions and retirements. The military seems to be the only place where you can really be taken care of after you retire anymore.

  2. Doug,
    Your swatch looks awesome! You do beautiful work and I really hope you enjoy the pattern. Interesting that the pattern you just completed has the border pattern on each side. Strange how things can be similar like that. Anyway, I am so excited to be doing this knit a long with all of you and can't wait to see all the finished pieces!
    Fair Winds, DK