Saturday, April 18, 2009

spinning and blooms

I spent the day at Needle Nook today with Steve for the ovarian cancer fund raiser. We were there as demo spinners. We had lots of people asking questions and showing interest in the wheels. I'm still trying to find a home for the unfinished wheel I have. We stayed for about 3 hours until we both were getting just a little too hot sitting in the sun. It was a little cloudy when we first sat down, but the clouds disappeared after an hour or so. There was a nice breeze, but I have a feeling we will both have red necks tomorrow since we sat with the sun at our backs.

I got my new glasses on Thursday. It will take me a little while to get use to the bifocals. These have bigger lenses than the last few pairs I have had and feel a little big on my face, but I do like them. They are incredibly light compared to my last pair. My friend Alma told me to trust me feet and not my eyes when encountering stairs. It has been very good advice. Thanks Alma! The sunglass clips aren't as dark as I would like, but I can still wear my old pair as sunglasses.

The Dogwood Festival is back in Piedmont Park this year! Yay! We are going tomorrow afternoon. It was in the parking lot of Lennox Mall last year and it just wasn't the same at all.

The clematis in the front of the house is really happy this year. I guess all the rain we have gotten lately has helped a lot.

There are a ton of buds on the vines. The pink ones seem to have more intense color this year too.

The bloom on this white one is 7.5 inches across!

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  1. Wow you have nice clematises. I'm glad your glasses are working out for you. They made a huge difference for me. Hope to see you at stitches!