Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yarn! Real yarn!

I plied my first skein and blocked it yesterday. It is a medium chunky weight and I got about 200 yards in total. I just need to figure out what I want to make with it to have as a keepsake of my first skein. Anyone have any suggestions? A lot of thick and thin, but I'm thrilled/stunned at how it turned out. I was so anxious about plying it and messing it up. I went pretty slowly at first and picked up a little speed once I got a feel for it. I still had to tell myself to slow down a few times before it got away from me. I made a homemade lazy kate with a box, a 5 pound bag of rice (for weight) and a couple of knitting needles and it worked well, but I definitely need some tension on the bobbins. They spun a little too much a few times and I had to stop and unwind it from the knitting needles.

I also finished my first single for the Tour de Fleece. This should end up about a worsted weigh I hope.

We saw the new Batman movie today and it's excellent!

I got a bag of blueberries from a friend (thanks Rob) on Thursday and I made a batch of muffins today. I had to test a few to make sure they weren't overbaked. I might need to test just one more before bed just to make absolutely sure. Hopefully there will be some left to take to Knitch tomorrow since I really don't need to eat them all myself.


  1. Really beautiful yarn! Will you bring your new bobbin in today?


  2. A multi-directional scarf is a beautiful way to show off the texture of that gorgeous stuff.

  3. It is so beautiful - I agree with Sandy. A multi-directional scarf would be nice. If you can't think of anything tho', I have been known to take my friends' handspun without them having to twist my arm too much. You are an extremely talented spinner!