Monday, May 26, 2008

Mr.Bob new Summer Bag Collection

In case you've missed the stories of my designer cat (Mr.Bob), he is an aficionado of the paper bag. Especially the yarn shop paper bags. He puts a lot of time, thought and teeth into each extraordinary paper creation.

This is one of his early creations. Note the subtle use of his techniques along the top edges of the bag.

On this bag he used his full body weight to give the bag some textural interest as well.

This is his "stand by" edition of his most popular and favorite kind of bag. More surface area to work with.

I'm still trying to get across the concept of less is more, but sometimes the artistic flair just can't be stiffled.

As always, commission pieces can be arranged. A 2 to 3 week wait will be needed for the adequate time needed to create and dry your one of a kind, limited edition Mr.Bob bag. He only works in the wee hours of the morning to get the full effect of his artistic genius. Mini glossies with his own special 'signature' are available with purchase upon request.


  1. thats funny, my cat just likes to pee in paper bags :) lol

    - Brandy

  2. Very nice, Mr. Bob. The last photo really shows off your creative genius.

  3. Bravo, Mr. Bob! (Though I must point out that Madam Tess has a similar approach to her paper, found object, and paperback book installation pieces in our "art gallery")

  4. No wonder that you have a designer cat. Just the right level for Doug Kaffe. ;-)

  5. Sheesh! What a rip off. The only thing my cat does is tip over full water glasses just for the heck of it. (maybe I can put paint in the glass an leave it on a canvas. hmmmm.....)