Friday, March 7, 2008


How is it exactly one finds the fun and cool KAL's to join. I always seem to hear about them after the fact when they have stopped taking new people to join. I want to play too! Maybe I should just start my own KAL, with my own secret clues and passwords and stuff!?! Yeah, that's it... now I'm really losin' it. Yesterday was definitely a rollercoaster, but it ended well getting to see friends at the guild meeting. I can always count on my knittin' friends to raise my spirits and get me to laugh. Thanks y'all.

Back to the KAL's... We had Janet Szabo speak last night at the guild meeting and she was talking about a knit-a-long she had done and about knitting the next clue as fast as she could while the group was knitting on the previous portion. I just find the whole thing fascinating and getting to see how everyone interprets the pattern in different ways. Anyone have suggestions on how they find them? I really want to participate in the next Mystery Stole too. The stole last year was beautiful and I had a great time watching the progress of all the different versions. With beads, without beads, with the wing, without the wing...

My dad's socks will probably be finished tonight at Knitch. I worked with the glued dp for about 30 minutes last night before it broke again. So I dug out the circulars and was going to transfer all the stitches to two circs. After I got the stitches from the broken needle transferred to the first circ I thought, why don't I just use the one circ as a replacement for the dp. Duh. It slows me down a little having to pull the needle through, but it works and I can still use my beloved dp's. (happy grin) I learned to knit socks on dp's and it is still the most satisfying way to me. I've made them on the two circ's, but after using the wrong needle and basically starting to magic loop (which I really don't like) I decided it's just not for me.

The new and improved 'longer' sock.

The retired stick of torment.

I'm going to try sanding down the broken end to try to slavage a shorter usable dp from the remaining longer piece. I'll burn the shorter end and drink a gin martini (extra olives) to dispell any bad vibes left over from the incident. Just not at the same time within the area of the flame. Either it will work or I'll get a little buzz from the gin. Win, win either way. (Until the headache sets in.) Woo hoo knitter's gone wild.


  1. I think that's the best idea I've heard all day. Not the sanding down of your broken DP, but the one about you starting a KAL. YOU would decide what your "followers" will knit and also when they knit it. Talk about POWER. Woo Hoo! I have a hunch you would have a lot of takers.

  2. Your sock turned out great. I'm glad you were able to devise a work-around for the broken needle.

    I've only participated in one knitalong, which was a sockapalooza a couple of years ago. I found it through one of the blogs I read.

    I suppose you could google "knitalong" and see what comes up?