Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bob's in training

Have you ever seen a falcon when it's in training? They use a hood on the falcon to keep them calm when they are not actually in pursuit of their prey. So I thought, since Bob seems to always be in a rather 'fowl' (not so subtle pun) mood, maybe he needs a hood too. For some odd reason, it seemed to have the opposite effect on Bob. He wasn't very calm and had a really bad attitude afterward.

Please understand I love my kitties dearly and don't torture them in this manner on a regular basis. Although, I had a dog when I was a child that I use to dress up in my sisters large doll clothes and then take his picture. He soon developed and odd fear of cameras and would run and hide under the bed any time he saw one. I still have the one of him dressed as Jackie-O complete with the sunglasses and scarf. He was totally fierce.


  1. And will you ever be scanning and posting the pic of your dog as Jackie O?? Please????

  2. What? A dog dressed as Jackie O-please do post!

    I love cats dressed in things, how innovative to put a hood on the cat.

  3. Unfortunately Paul, the picture of my dog is at my mother's house in Texas. I'll have to see if I can get her to send me a copy.