Saturday, December 15, 2007


I bought a new book on modular origami last week, Unit Ployhedron Origami by Tomoko Fuse, so I've been on an origami kick again lately. Most of the stuff I've done is in the library where I work. The large white sphere in the background is comprised of 180 pieces of paper. It's about 2.5 feet across. The picture is a little deceiving. It's on another shelf about 6 feet away from the pieces in the foreground. It took me about a week to fold and assemble. Each unit has two parts that have to be folded and assembled first.

The multi colored star in the foreground is probably the one that has been the most difficult to assemble so far. The folding part is not hard, it's just getting them all together and intersecting in the right way. It's actually 5 three sided pyramids all intersecting. Each color is a single pyramid.

This is one I just finished this morning. It's comprised of 60 pieces of paper and I used old books covers from children's books for the paper. The paper is nice and heavy and most of them are glossy and the colors won't fade in the sun. It's about 14" across.


  1. Wow, your origami is awesome! I've never done more than the little ones, like in the Origami-a-Day calendar. :)

  2. I wondered what you did at the library all day! (truthfully, I thought you were knitting) Really awesome origami. I have trouble folding a paper airplane that will fly.