Sunday, November 4, 2007

SAFF, the recap

We packed a lot into a 20 hour day last weekend at SAFF. Now I remember why we stayed overnight last year! I was worn out by the time we got home.

We had a lot of stuff we had to see and all in one day. The booths ring the floor of the arena and then also the entire upper ring above the seats too. I think we made the circuit at least 3 times before the buying frenzy slowed. We stopped at the llama barn first and met a very friendly llama who like to give kisses. He was mostly just interested in the smell of my sweater with me though. Lou got a nice nuzzle from him.

Happy alpacas

Alpacas with bad bangs. Where is Jose Eber when you need him?

Lou getting inside info from an alpaca informant

We spent a little time in the blogger barn knitting and chatting and sharing the best places to find new stash aquisitions.
Here's Jane (on the right) and her friend Greta from North Carolina who we had just met for the first time. Jane is working on her 99th pair of socks here.

This is Katey who won Best of Show for her handspun yarn. Sitting next to her is Amy in her beautiful Tweed Pullover sweater from Cables Untangled.

Sandy getting in some spinning in the barn.

Our favorite, and yet blogless costume designer, Diana.

Claudia and Brett enjoying the knitting and conversation in the blogger barn.

Janice contemplating a new pattern

Lou explaining to Bert how yoga can improve your knitting

Claudia invited us to the cabin she and her husband had rented for the week for a meal before hitting the road back to Atlanta. It was a really nice way to end our day at SAFF. Here is the view from the back porch of the cabin.

The fiber dogs on the porch supervising the knitting.

Lou and Brett on the porch getting a little knitting in before dinner.

Famous Steve taking a picture of the view.

Brett just didn't think it was time to give up on knitting out on the porch yet and brought out the flashlight.

...the end of our day at SAFF and the gorgeous sunset from the cabin. Thanks again to Claudia and her husband for the lovely dinner and hospitality.


  1. The photos are great! It looks like it was a blast, and the house and porch with scenery looks so relaxing.

  2. I am so glad you put these up! How wonderful!!!!

  3. AWWWW - thanks for the lovely review on the dinner location. ;-) Great picture of the furry children! Hermione always needs to supervise everything. I think she would be an excellent knitter if she could just hold the needles in her paws. ;-) She'd probably knit me a straight jacket so I would have to stay home with her...

  4. What great pictures of a grand day!