Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SAFF...it's almost here!

I'm so looking forward to going to SAFF this weekend, frolicking in all the yarn, spending time with my friends and getting away from work! I've been working furiously on getting Michael's sweater done so I can wear it on Saturday. The traveling rib hat is on hold and all my knitting time has been delegated to the sweater. I have this Thursday off and that will be the day of 'the steek'. Weaving in all the ends has to be done too.

I also want to start Brooklyn Tweeds Rem Koolhaas hat from IK Holiday Gifts issue to work on during the trip. I'm going to make it with Cascade 220 first before I splurge on some of the good stuff. I'll have a ton of leftover 220 from Michael's sweater so it may be multicolored as well.

I haven't been taking many photos lately and as soon as the push for the sweater is over, I'll get some taken and on here for progress results. I still haven't tried to take stash pics for Ravelry again yet either.

I've been contemplating finding a new job and it seems to compound itself with each passing day at work. Major frustration. I have no energy and this job is just sucking all the joy out of life. I dread coming in and don't look forward to the task of job hunting either. bleh! Shouldn't there be an ejection button for the co-workers who make your life hell on earth?! Sounds like a job for Dr. Evil to me. Muaah-ha-ha-ha


  1. Get that sweater done...hurry.
    Uggh..sorry about all the job stuff.
    I can't wait for SAFF...woo hoo!

  2. I won't be at SAFF, but have a great time. As for the job thing, I know all too well where you're at - you have my sympathies.