Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Noro hat for Knitters Without Borders

I took pictures of the hat that I made during the Yarn Harlot program. Brett graciously offered to model for me. Strike a pose!

The top was an experiment with decreases and rib pattern. Instead of decreasing at regular points around the hat, I just decreased in every other purl valley until all the stitches were used up. Then I started decreasing in the other purl valleys until those were used up too. Then I stared decreasing at the same place I left off on the first set on every round until I had just 6 stiches left and ran the end through and closed.

I like this hat and plan to make one for myself too. I am truly a Noro junkie now! I haven't used a yarn from Noro yet that I don't like, and there are so many more yet to try!

I've been missing Texas lately. It seems to be cropping up in conversations all around me, so I decided to bring you along in my yearning and show some of the pictures I took this spring in Texas when we were visiting family in Austin.
San Antonio Riverwalk

Winecup and Bluebonnet

Michael in the Bluebonnets

Indian Paintbrush

Bluebonnet closeup

Sunset through the trees at the Bel-K Ranch in San Saba. The ranch belongs to friends of my sister and we stayed there for a couple of nights.

If you want to see some beautiful wildflowers (thanks to Ladybird Johnson) visit the hill country area of Texas around Austin in late March and early April. It really does look like a postcard in so many places along the highways. There is also a wildflower center in Austin that was started by Ladybird about 15 years ago. The winecup and bluebonnet picture was taken there.
Hope you enjoyed my little excursion to the Texas hill country.

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  1. The hat is great, and so are the photos. I've always wanted to go to Texas in the spring. Thanks for a preview.