Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sock Binge

I was on a sock binge for the last few months or so after learning how to do a toe up sock using short rows at the AKG Mountain retreat last year. I have just gotten around to taking pictures. No more kitchenering the toes.. yeah!! Just wanted to share a few of what's been finished and what's still in progress.

These were made with Interlacements Tiny Toes superwash merino. I'm sorry, I don't remember what the color name was.. I bought the yarn at SAFF last year. They are by far the most comfortable socks I've ever made for myself. The yarn is very soft and I'll definitely be buying more this year!

This pair is made with Trekking (don't remember the color) I know, bad knitter. I'll just ask Famous Steve, yeah, let's ask Steve, he knows all the colors by heart. ;) It is uncanny how he can remember yarn names and numbers.

This is the sock I started a couple of weeks ago and then I got sidetracked by the shawl. This is Trekking too and I know the color number on this one!!. Duh, the band is in the picture. It's color 90.

I got my copy of Romantic Knits today! There are some gorgeous patterns, although I'm not able to wear any myself, but then that hasn't stopped me from knitting something yet. Here is the sweater I knit for the book. She calls it "Two for the Road". All the patterns are named in homage of her (Annie's) favorite films.

Famous Steve posed the topic last night for our Friday night knitting group, "Fun fur. It's neither fun nor fur.... discuss." We have so much fun in our Friday Night group. ~(8{)>


  1. You did an awesome job on the sweater in Annie's book. Knitting samples for books - you rock! I guess I have to get a copy of this one as well and let you sign it. Hey - if you'll get the sample back and you need someone to wear it, you wouldn't have to twist my arm very much... Love your socks!!!

  2. The sweater looks great, congratulations on having your work in yet another book.
    Wonderful socks. I think the missing trekking color number is 108, I have that color too but still waiting to be socks

  3. AWESOME knitting job on the sweater! I am proud just to know you...sniff sniff.

  4. You're here! Yay! Everything is BEEYOOTIFUL.

  5. Your sweaters are incredible! All of them. And I can't wait to get the book so I can show your sweater to everyone I know and say..."I know the guy who knit that!" Your socks are great too.